Windsor 10 review out now & updates 8/15/2019

With some times (finally) on my hands, I’ve now had the chance to finish up and the review on the KLH Windsor 10 Subwoofer review! I didn’t have a chance to finish up and take pictures in the old house, but I found a pretty clean spot in this new house to hold a small photoshoot for the Windsor. I’d say it looks pretty good except for a few pictures where I think it might be a bit too dark, but I’ll be editing that at another time as now I’ve got to settle some financial issues with my new college and other private issues. It’s taken quite awhile, but I think I’ve done the best that I could do with that sub, as I’ve now changed it out for a new sub! There has been a few hand-me-down moments in the family with speakers, and in this case there has been some things that have been moved around and I’ve ended up with a sub that my dad had gotten for his Onix Rocket system in his bedroom (yes he has one in his bedroom as well), because the electronics for the Onix Rocket Sub fried one day, and one situation lead to another, and I now have Velodyne DLS-4000. It’s an upgrade for sure, as this bad boy has a 12″ woofer and is much bigger than the CT-100. Now, I still have attachments to that sub, having used it for quite awhile, so that one is now being used to upgrade the system that I have in my game/office room in the house, which I may or may not have mentioned about before. Either way, I have a pretty serious system there as well, but I’ll probably either talk more about that in a different post. Other than that, it’s nearing the start of the semester, and there are a few annoying issues I have to take care of for my new university, and that’ll leave me a bit busy as now I have to play catch-up. I do have another project underway, which I will leave a teaser here on, so look forward to that! Until then, stay tuned and stay in pursuit of better sound!


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