A reflective perspective of my system

(featured image taken from the free photo library provided by Pexels)

So recently, you may have known, I have recently moved form Florida to Arizona, and there has been a period of time where I was not listening to my system at all. Clearly it was shipped to my new place, and that duration of a week I was totally deprived of my system. I was on my V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2 headphones playing songs from my phone. After the truck was unloaded, all the boxes were in the house, the first thing I opened, and set-up was, as you guessed, my system. I mean, even if it was because it was the least troublesome thing to set up because of motivation, I had also wanted to listen to some music as I unpacked. Straight up, fired everything up, and as the sound came out again from the NHT SB1 (I chose the SB1 for now but I will, as you know, eventually switch back to the Sony SS-K10ED eventually because I like them both), it was like I was hit with fresher air. it was satisfying to hear the amount of detail that my system can actually extract though. Not that my V-Moda headphones were bad, but I realized, after taking a (forceful) breather from my system, I realized how far I had come, and how good my system is. Not trying to brag, but all the parts coming together and changing little by little, you don’t really notice how much has changed until you take a breather from it.

The unchanging factor in this case had been the V-Moda headphones that I’ve owned for about 1.5 years. Granted I know how much it’s better than the V-Moda LPs that I still own to this day, the fact that I’ve gotten this far with my system is quite a nice thing to know. I’m glad I got the opportunity to do something like this, and I’m actually still surprised that I can get sound this good, and that is with experience going to an audio expo earlier this year. I’ve even realized how good my dad’s system sounds. He’s also mentioned after going that he was satisfied with how his system is as well compared to those we’ve listened to during that expo. It was interesting to see that our direction was unique to ourselves and that it was in a direction in our sense better than quite a number of those at the expo, even with all the top of the line products (or not really) that they’ve used.

That’s also to say, I’ve realized that sound in general hasn’t really changed much from the past, and that I still think getting used items are still a better value than getting new because of how little I’ve seen change. I must say, I still think the exception to all this are receivers because if you’re using them for the new tech, and features, then you’re kinda forced to upgrade. But it’s all worth it for the pursuit of sound right?

Nonetheless, the pursuit of better sound still continues, as I’ve also experienced something better (namely my dad’s system), and that means there is still room to grow. I also have a larger room (which was decided by reasoning by my siblings and I didn’t have a choice, but I was lucky to land the largest room), so there might be more interesting developments in plan in the future when everything settles down. I mean, we still have boxes to unpack and this has been 3 weeks since we’ve moved in. Regardless, as a really brief update, I’ve finished the KLH Windsor 10 review that I’ve worked on since before the update and I’m uploading pictures and doing final checks for the review, so it will be up very soon. I’m also starting soon at my new University, so I’m also excited about that. But until the next post, stay in pursuit of better sound everyone!


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