PSA: Wholesome new MV from the King of Asian Pop

Despite my busy Mechanical Engineering major schedule and my projects, I’ve found some time to write about this, but he is the man, he is the legend. He is one of my favorite artist from when I was a kid and who I listened to a lot on my dad’s system back then. Jay Chou.  周杰伦. How ever you may or may not know of him. He is a relatively major factor that is responsible for why I got into music, and then eventually as an audiophile. His songs has captured my attention. I loved most of his songs. You can never go wrong with any of them, at any time. But nonetheless, he is getting on in age and has not been as active. Maybe it’s because he has a family. Maybe it’s for other reasons. He is a singer-songwriter, so maybe even I dare say, he didn’t have much to write about. Who cares? But it has certainly been awhile. Even with the long absence in releasing music, he still has not let up his superb talents. I may even be a bit exaggerating in some people’s eyes, but I just want to get the word out there.

His new song is out! Go check it out! Especially, the music video posted on Youtube. It’s a super wholesome music video which kind of contradicts (you’ll see why), but it’s another great song in my books, coupled with the great MV and message. It’s certainly also garnered some attention by grabbing the #1 trending spot on Youtube. And in the US no less! Never seen a Chinese MV grab #1 in the states? See why!

If you’re not yet convinced, I’ll let the music do the talking. I understand everyone has their own tastes, but I implore you to at least check it out! I’ll link it right here.

This has been your Public Service announcement for one of my all-time favorite artist. I appreciate anyone that has taken time to read this!


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