Some updates to equipment part 100

So, before I get into the dirt, I just want to say I’ve had a lot of changes happen in the past 2 years alone, so when I though it would be fitting to maybe include a part number I straight up didn’t know how many I’ve had. I just picked 100 and went along with it, I’ve not actually had 100 changes but it feels like it. But back to the story. I’ve recently had a lot of frustrations with my Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop when doing things that I’ve had to do for my Mechanical Engineering coursework. It just didn’t have enough juice for me to comfortably handle the CAD(computer aided design) programs that I’ve had to run without feeling the extreme heat from the working parts inside a thin and light laptop. It gets really hot, and I wouldn’t be able to comfortably rest my fingers on the keyboard because of the heat. It’s just an inherent limitation of the Laptop design. I’ve complained about it, and I’ve recently found a good deal for a “trade”. So I did. I have a new laptop now. The Yoga I’m planning to either sell it or trade it in to Lenovo’s trade-in program. It’s basically allowed me to “get” this new laptop for a price of about $700 or less if I can sell it for more than the asking trade-in value. But onto the new kid on the block.

Of course, the main thing with this laptop will be the CAD functionality and operation, so I’ve gotten something that has an Nvidia Quadro graphics card, with a good CPU to handle other computing as well. When Lenovo offered the P43s at a good price, I jumped at the chance. So now, I have a non thin and light, with much better thermals and no touch screen, but that’s a trade off I’m willing to make for this price. It’s still pricey, but it’s worth every dollar I paid for this. It’s been about a week at this point of using this laptop, even as I type this up, I’m pretty satisfied with the performance I’m getting out of it. It doesn’t change much about the audio aspect as I’m still hooking up to my Music Hall DAC15.2 which does most of the work instead of the Laptop, but it’ll be a better addition to my workflow. Hey, even running anything at all is much better with a dedicated graphics card, so maybe I can even get to trying some video production I was thinking about for some review to get like a 360 view of some of the products I’m reviewing. We’ll see. For now, the college life has got me busy, I’ve honestly made no progress on the new review, but as soon as a break in the homework and the organization life for me, I’ll get to it as soon as possible for you guys. Until then, this has been a short update on my equipment and life. Until the next one!


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