Social distancing an Audiophile: the best kind of "quarantine"

With the health issue going around the world currently, there are many being stuck at home and probably working at home (social distancing measures) to prevent this issue from getting out of hand. Here in the US, states are starting to go into lock-down because of it, and for me in Arizona, although not particularly at a high risk of many people getting it, there are about 31 cases (CDC [ when checked on March 20th, 2020]), and we are not in lock-down yet. My classes are now fully online until the end of the semester and commencement for the seniors graduating this semester is cancelled due to the health issue as well, although alternatives are being looked. Since today is the international day of happiness, I wanted to share a bit of mine, despite this predicament the world is experiencing.

If anything, this social distancing period, probably for a lot of people as well, have been a little inconvenient, but so far, but there are positives from all this. You probably know where I’m going with all of this. Social distancing has me staying at home, but I’m loving it in the sense that I get to stay at home and listen to this superb system, the PS Audio Perfectwave MKII DAC and the Emerald Physics 100.2SE amplifier that I’ve been loaned until my dad wants it back. And so far, he still has a few things to do in his own system so I get to keep it for awhile longer. And as a teaser for that review (coming out soon as well), it’s been a superb experience. I mean, you get what you paid for for these components which total to slightly more than $6000 total just for the DAC and the amplifier in MSRP. Not to mention, I have my dad’s Qobuz that I can use as well. High fidelity is at the tip of my fingers whenever I want. What more can be better right now?

Now, although I do say that I’m an audiophile, I’m really an overall tech and gaming enthusiast. I keep up with Youtubers that review the best and the newest products out there like new phones, laptops, computer parts, any general tech, as well as gaming channels (like I keep up with the console news, games and other gaming related tech). It’s been quite a blessing to be able to spend my days with everything that I have, and being able to comfortably keep up to date with the news because I’m not spending part of that time commuting to and from school. Although the major inconvenience is the fact that everything is now online and that I have to discipline myself at home to do the work as well, the trade offs are nice as well though. I miss my close friends as well, but that goes without saying, and we at least are able to communicate together via messaging (thank goodness for technology eh?).

Well, that was a quick update from me. I hope everyone is doing alright, that everyone is healthy, washing your hands and staying home being safe on this international day of happiness. May we all get through this safe and sound.


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