Loaners galore! PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MKII and Emerald Physics 100.2 SE

Sooo, this time, big changes have somewhat put a halt to my already halted plans due to my school semester. My dad has, this time, acquired the PS Audio Perfectwave DAC, but because it is currently put aside, he asked if I wanted to borrow them for awhile. Why the heck not?! So now I have them set up.

To briefly talk about these two, the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC is the DAC that is replacing my Music Hall DAC15.2 for awhile, and the Emerald Physics is the replacement amplifier from my NAD T747 Receiver. Both are actually being passed through the Velodyne Sub through the RCA input and output it has, so that I can run the sub, because there is no other way I can run the sub conveniently due to the amplifier.

Now, I will be doing a mini review on both, but changing both at the same time is not really the most ideal and objective review to come out right? Well for now, I’m just going to use both, because I’ve spent time setting them both up in my room, and what good is it that I don’t use them both right now, when I know for a fact that these are much much better than my own components? Frankly speaking, with an MSRP of $3500 for the DAC and $2200 amplifier, I’m definitely going to bask in their glorious experience to anything I’m going to listen to. And so far, I can’t help but write about it. I need to get this all out of my chest. It’s superb. Just superb.

Ok, I’ll answer one question though. You might be wondering, if my dad just bought the PS Audio DAC, why did I also borrow the Emerald Physic amplifier (which we had for while, just put aside as well)? With a DAC this good, the NAD is definitely going to “bottleneck” this system, which, if you don’t know what it means, is to hold the whole system back because it’s the outlier. It’s going to be too good for the rest of my system. I have the means to test this is a much better situation. Why not do it that way as well?

Ok, I shall enjoy these for while, and while I’m borrowing them, I’ll be taking advantage of them and doing a few projects as well, so look forward to those!


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