Plans: Covid-19 (almost ruined) Summer 2020 and Matchup release

As we wind down this stay-at-home phase (for some at least) this Covid-19 season, summer is coming around, and there has been some personal plans that have been cancelled due to the fact that travel will still be limited during this period in time. But, as I’m finished with my final exams, I must admit there are some plans that am kind of looking forwards to. First of all, I may have hinted in a previous post, that my dad, had recently made a purchase for the Revel Ultima Studio speakers. Those beautiful speakers, have been put in the place of the NHT T6 Evolution tower speakers (also rather beautiful speakers in my opinion) we’ve owned since he had reviewed them late 2002 early 2003, to see which one he would keep. The Revel, actually had an MSRP of around $11,000 in 1997, and that would be around $18,000 in today’s money. These were made in 2003 and purchased that year by the previous owner. Very pricey speakers costing around slightly more than 4 times the NHT, but nonetheless they are used (and hence, a lower price tag as well), and we are only the second owners. The previous owner, who I had the privilege to meet as well as help my dad carry this 160lb speakers onto our minivan to then carry into the house, was a nice man who had this large insane Pass Lab stereo amplifier as well as their upstream components.

Now, what better way to celebrate this addition, as writer and reviewers ourselves (albeit one of us only being amateur), than to writer up a comparison that no-one asked for but ourselves, comparing these two classics we have at our disposal? Well, this is not really a joint project, but one where I review just the Revel Studio Ultima themselves, while the other actually writes the clash up between them. And the one writing this clash will be the more experienced one! Exciting! I know, I know, this isn’t really anything anyone asked for, but if you follow my page, I’ll be sure to treat you to an exciting read you can’t pass up! Heck, maybe I’ll dip my toes further into a more appropriate medium for those my age, to get my hands dirty with the video editing program for you guys? We shall see! For now though, the experienced one is ready with the matchup results! It’s going to be up right after this so check it out!

And that brings me to my second plan, one that was unexpected landed into my room. Because of the results of that matchup, the Rocket RS750, the tower speakers that my dad had in his other system, now occupied by the loser of the matchup, has been kicked out of the system. And naturally, I now have them in my room. There are other plans for this speakers, but for now, I’m going to review these, while they are in my system. I’ve never had tower speakers in my room before, so this is such as new experience, as well as a welcomed one so far. I must say, I’m having quite the time this COVID-19 season. For now, those are my plans, as well as writing more general posts that I wrote, like the monitors vs. studio monitors topic that has been one of the constant top viewed article here for the past 2 years. Hopefully another helpful topic for those starting out. Until the next post, strive for that quality sound!


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