Update: Issues with my subwoofer, tower speaker project teaser, production

set-up as of right now

So, I’m not sure what exactly can be attributed to sub issues I’ve been having with my Velodyne DLS-4000, but it’s been brought in to a repairman to be looked at, so I’m going pure stereo at the moment. But, not to fear. As you might know, luckily, I’ve been loaned a pair of Onix Rocket RS-750. These tower speakers we’ve owned since late 2002 have been kicked out of their usual places because of a recent battled you might have read about (if you want to read it here). So I get to have it for awhile before we execute our plans for it. Nevertheless, the timing couldn’t be any better. So far, although I must say I’m not using the usual components, these speakers have been great as well as a blessing because they are towers. I can see why sometimes some people can say that you don’t really need subwoofers with tower speakers because these speakers have pretty great bass extension for the general music already. I don’t really feel the need for any subwoofer other than the fact that I get to adjust the bass level, which I can’t here, but it’s been very suiting to my tastes.

As for my subwoofer, the issue with it has been an issue that I think has plagued a decent number of owners as far as my not very in-depth google searching went. It’s been crackling and popping and it was getting loud enough that I’ve had to completely power off my sub for the night instead of leaving it in auto on, of which had not problems in the past year I’ve been here until just recently. It’s also troublesome to do that because the switch is behind the subwoofer so I have to reach in there every time, which is a little troublesome for me. So I had brought it to an audio component repairman to get it looked at and fixed if possible (hoping and crossing my fingers it will). Despite being in the Mechanical Engineering major, I’m actually not the type to deal with kinds of issues. And specifically I mean issues in the electrical. It’s been very confusing, so I’m leaving it with the professional to sort this issue out for me.

Either way, I’m going with that for now, and switching to my usual components when the components I’m borrowing are given back soon, so I’ll be doing my actual impressions on the review then. I’ve also been playing a lot of games, and I’ve been thinking of content, to write or publish, which is not easy for a rather niche website like mine, so I might look into broadening my horizons with game soundtrack or game sound reviews or something. I don’t know how it will work out, but I will try my best, which might be a really good opportunity for me to dive more into video editing as well as other things I’ve been trying to learn about photo and video production (like the picture above, a phone picture “corrected” with lightroom), with access to the whole adobe suite as a student of my University. This is going to be interesting, so stay tuned!


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