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As someone who has this often changing, often leaving and/or switching out audio components system, I find myself at certain times lacking space on my desk. It’s not an organizational thing, it’s because I have too many rather necessary things and a rather small desk. Those of you who have seen that desk pile more and more things will know and have seen. That desk has been with me since before I started this blog, and has been apart of a rather large portion of my life, having spent so much time on it, be it studying, drawing, and even creating and working on this website and blog. But I have seem to grown out of it. You know where this is going, and I have officially replaced my desk with something that is more suitable for my room. As someone who has a lot of tech and things on my desk, be it the extra monitor for my coursework (initially bought it for a PC desktop I never got to buying and building, but found another very useful purpose for it), my unnecessarily long mouse pad, my Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Logitech triathlon M20 mouse, and more recently, the Music Hall DAC15.2 and Emerald Physics Amplifier, I needed a larger, wider desk for what the future holds. I just moved everything and settled in the pictures, so do please excuse the mess and I determine where I need to place what. You will also notice that I’ve already accommodated for, and have already started using the review sample, of which fits quite nicely on this much wider and larger desk.

Speaking of which, as you may have found out in my last blog, which is more like an informative article, I have actually started receiving review samples from companies. As of right now, I’m excited to say I have a few companies willing to send me review samples, among the many I have reached out to, in an attempt to present a more relatable, more presently available offering to educating you, my readers, on not only knowledge as I learn through it, but also on products to the ultimate aim as a reliable hub for audiophile newbies, or those who want to know more about this passion of audio production perfection. I’ll be aiming my reviews, as of right now, to those who are becoming more serious audiophiles, willing to spend at least a hundred US dollars on products that will start to make a difference to you, the listener, as well as maybe some high-end products along the way, depending on what I get, who works with me, and so on. I’m not going to limiting myself to speaker components only. I’ll be getting into headphones as well.

There are a few reasons why I’m also getting into headphones, despite seemingly only featuring them as a side project as of just now. Not only are they one of the easiest ways to get into the audiophile passion, they are also most cost-effective, in terms of their purposes as well as flexibility in terms of housing and many other situations. Maybe you live in an apartment without much sound dampening between the walls, so music will leak to your neighbors. Maybe you live with your parents as a younger person, and you don’t want to disturb those “neighbors” as well. Maybe you need something on the go, in your commute or even in the office. Personally, I’m going to start getting a little more serious into headphones because I have been myself, interested in them since the start, but also because I want to help my dad out in his reviews a little more in this aspect since I can, and because he is relying on my help more so regarding the headphone aspect on a lot of his reviews. This in turn will also allow me to be more serious about those here, which is something I believe will benefit a lot more people my age.

My first pair, as you may know is the V-Moda Crossfade LP, which are lacking in many ways, compared to what I listen to now, the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2 (which was quite drastically changed since the company’s acquisition with Roland). Frankly, I bought them more so because I did like my bass, but also because of wireless feature and the style. They are quite the looker. I also ordered them directly from V-Moda, of which allowed me to pick out a personalized cup shield that these have, to which is limited in choices, but I did put my initials on there. You can see what they look like in my review of them here. I haven’t really cared too much about my headphones, but after testing out products for my dad as his behind-the-scenes aid in his reviews with both pictures and/or (if necessary) headphones, I have come to realize the appeal of headphones after each product I’ve tested, as well as the limitation of these V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2 despite their claimed Hi-Res certification in wired mode. It’s been getting a little harder to make an accurate assessment. As such, I have made a purchase. A purchase for some serious serious headphones.

Well, there are a few reasons as to why I’m purchasing this specific pair. Not only are they a legend, but they have been “improved” in certain ways, but in terms of sound, it is still essentially the legend. They are better amplified, and have a sound many like. They are said to be rather manipulate-able by components (one of the main reason I’m buying them). Many people know of them, few do not. Many also consider them as kings under $1000. If you know, you know. Consider this my investment. As a sort of bonus for “bringing them back”, they are cheaper, because of the “improvements” and demands. Offered through this interesting company you might know, I’m going to reserve revealing them when I get them. Some interesting things are brewing, and I’m so excited for what the future holds. Until then, stay positive through these times, stay safe, and stay passionate!



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