Arrival: New horizons, Drop x Sennheiser HD6XX

In my previous post, I wrote about getting new items, partially for review reasons, and partially for personal reasons, and gave you a (hopefully) rather revealing clue as to what these headphones and products are. Well, spoiler in the title, it is the Drop (formerly called Massdrop) x Sennheiser HD6XX. They still say Massdrop on the headphones themselves, and the listing however. They are a collaboration of the company Drop which uses community feedback to create products that are sold in bulk (hence only “dropping” once in awhile), so they have certain shipping dates, and they don’t ship by order like they would with an Amazon order so to say. That’s a down side, but with prices these good I was willing to wait. But, these products are more niche focused, such as outdoor products such as knives, clothes, mechanical keyboards, accessories, as well as the one related to this channel, Audiophile products, and many more. Of which, this Sennheiser HD6XX is probably one of, if not, the most popular, since their first endeavor into collaborations such as this one. All in all, thanks to that I have a pair of rather legendary headphones (considered one of the best under $1000), that have been slightly changed (in only the wire length, cable end, and paint), for less than what it was sold for at the time. And I’m so excited for these. I’ll be trying them as well as evaluating them for a future project.

Another thing, with the Rocket RS750 tower speakers review done, I’m looking ahead to my new projects, ones that have been given to me, not from my dad, but from actual companies, sent out and loaned to me. A new endeavor and start, so to say, into getting more serious about giving you, my readers more serious information that will help you in today’s audio market, something I couldn’t give before. This information will more so relate as these are products that are still being offered and manufactured by the respective companies today. I may be reviewing what I have on hand, but they are rather useless if no one will be interested or will look for them. So, as a solution to that, I reached out to see if any company I know of will be willing to work with me and loan me review products. I believe that I can present to you my opinions, from my experience with my dad’s ever-changing system of High-End reference system in which he also uses to review many products, of which I also help out in. I have had a hand in many of his reviews, not only listening to them, but also doing photos as well as discussing with him their features as well as sound and technical specifications to learn, help and just because I like talking about it, so I would like to think I have quite a bit of understanding to be able to present to you my unbiased (as much as possible), yet rather accurate evaluation of products not only for their features but their sound quality impressions as well.

Fortunately, the first to reach out was Parasound, who was rather willing to send me a review sample of their product. As you also may have seen in a previous post, Parasound sent me their integrated amplifier, the NewClassic 200, for me to review. I have also another company that reached out to me soon after, so I have at 2 products that I definitely have lined up as my project this summer! Indeed exciting times! So far, I’ve been very impressed at the products that have been sent. I’m very lucky to have this opportunity to present to you some legitimate options into rather High-End audiophile products that a lot of people may be able to more easily access! This new over-arching project will be the future, with me presenting you reviews of new products so that you can hopefully better decide what you will enjoy for at least some time, and if you do get into this passion, to be able to take my shared knowledge to make more informed decisions about your future purchases, both new and even used if you decide to take that route.

Either way, some new goals I have for the future: more products for me to present to you, more helpful knowledge sharing, and actually maybe looking into a dedicated headphone amplifier for a reference baseline for those headphone enthusiasts out there, to compare to not only other amplifiers, but also other products, such as the integrated headphone feature on integrated amplifiers. Although COVID-19 is still rather a serious issue especially here in the US (due to some one, but I shall not get political here), I’m glad to see it is being handled better in other parts of the world, but still would like to wish everyone to stay safe and make the best of the situation in good ways. Honestly this long-term project was kind of as a result of this situation, because I probably wouldn’t have gotten this serious if not for me having more free time because of some big trip plans my family had being cancelled. Either way, this is my way of making the best of this time, and hopefully you readers will too. Until then, stay positive, and passionate!


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