Update: Samsung Galaxy Note20 (non-ultra)

As the title says, this is just a quick update to let you guys know that I’m now using the Samsung Galaxy Note20. There is a reason for this update, despite only having my OnePlus 6T for 2 months shy of 2 years. Had great deal to upgrade theses, as well as some pre-order benefits. I know I’m a student but I’m fortunate enough to have a chance to get the Note20 for various reasons I shall not get into. The day I pre-ordered these, it was a very interesting day. I was accompanying my siblings with their phone purchase, which was a sweet buy one get one deal with a condition that we found favorable. when my dad inquired about the soon to be release Note20, there was a pre-order special the guys at the store mentioned, which was a very sweet trade-in deal. Although we know what we were getting and that it might be a little over-priced, it was a deal that defied that thought. My dad had used the Note series before and he liked it for the size (not necessarily the stylus, but it had its uses) so the deal was also so sweet that it was a solid option for me as well. It basically off-set what some might have thought was an over-priced Note20 version for what was compromised for a “non-ultra”.

While I am a little bummed that I didn’t get any high-refresh screen, or any fancy tech that the Ultra got, this phone is a nice upgrade with the stylus. I could honestly use this during class to take quick notes regarding homework, or just quick notes or illustrations for an upcoming capstone project for my University Career (I am going into my 4th year). I would miss the fast dash charging that I had on my Oneplus, but at least the “Super Fast Charging” on the Note20 this time will be close to the dash charger specifications and speed.

As the phone is very new, I’ll have to go case-less until it gets here. I usually take great care of my phones with a case and a screen protector, so my mystic green Note 20 will stay that way. I’ll just have to be careful until I do get the case.

One thing I did observe is the fact that reviewers didn’t get any pre-release consumer grade samples of the Note20 (non-ultra version) to review, so I’d be expecting reviews within the week. All I see are Note20 Ultra reviews. Maybe this is my chance to get into the phone reviewing game? We shall see. I’ll review this for everyone either in writing or review depending on my availability as the semester is starting back up for me on Aug 24th. In 3 days.


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