New Review, Parasound Integrated and updates

Just a quick update on the review of the Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated amplifier review that was released. This COVID-19 summer has been interesting. Not sure what is going on, but my grammar has been horrible. I would write something and when I asked someone to read it as a proofread, it sounded awful. Somehow the thoughts in my head have taken over, and made everything messy. Grammar and comprehension of my writing. There was just something about my thoughts that were long-winded, redundant and repetitive honestly. It’s gotten much better, but it feels really like I’ve been on a long vacation and I’m just getting back everything I’ve learned. Especially since I’m not from an English major.

With the review now out, I’d say I have a comprehensive review up for reading I’ll be proud of. I had honestly struggled a little, scrapping everything about 3 times because I was unhappy with how it turned out. But I’m happy with what has come out finally. Honestly looking back at my track record I have not done any product, or integrated amplifier that is as feature packed and full of things to say as well. In the past I may have “fluffed” a few things here and there because I can, while still making it a good read. With this Integrated amplifier I needed to shorten, simplify and compact a lot of things. It was a different challenge for me, as it is a slightly different mindset. I tend “over” cover a lot of my points. With this one I can’t. My first iteration was very, very long and too detailed. I ended up with a 5000 word 15 page review, without any pictures, when drafted in MS Word. Basically almost an academic research paper, which makes for a long, and rather boring read at times.

It is also sad to know just yesterday, the day before the release of the review, an icon has passed. It didn’t feel right to possibly postpone the release of the review, but it didn’t feel right to just post it either. Anyway, I decided to just move on and move forward, like we all have to do, and kept on schedule with the post date.

This review also represents a new venture for me, in a new stage in my review career. I have now worked with my first company. I’m really hugely grateful for Parasound to take a chance with me, with their quick response, reaching out to me a day after I decided I should take a chance with working with companies, as well as answering all my questions. It was a genuine surprise to get a reply on my first try with a company. With my experience as an unnamed helper with my dad (willingly, I might add), I wanted to also present my experience, my thoughts, with the world, with my readers. Even if it means just those who stumbled upon my website for certain products.

As I reflect on my journey here for a little, I also just want to thank anyone who reads my post, seen my website, any of my work. It has led to me finding a community I rather much like, as well as interesting opportunities. I put in the most effort I can and it’s not just because this is more of a hobby for me. It’s my passion. I enjoy doing this. I want to be a positive influence on anyone who is looking to know more, or get into this obsession to call ourselves “audiophiles”. And I just want to say I hope everyone can be a positive influence in the world.

Stay safe, stay passionate, stay positive.


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