Year in review: 2020

Although this has been a rather horrible year for many of us, me included in certain ways, I am fortunate to be able to have some highs to take away from this year. It’s my fifth year at this website, and this year has produced some rather large strides in certain areas of this career. Last year, we nearly doubled the view numbers from the year before (4360 to 7925). This year, a similar trend happened. As we near the end of the year, the view count at the time of writing (a few hours from new year) is 13,601. It’s not exactly near double, but from 4 digits to the a 5 digits in view count, I want to say this year has been rather good to me.

There has been rather big changes that happened. I am now getting review samples from companies that have taken a chance with me. I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to those companies once again. I have not created many posts, nor have I created many reviews, but I do believe the quality in those productions have increased, through said interactions with the companies. Some big changes also happened to my system in general. Changes have been made, and it has not stayed the same for the majority of this year. This is a great thing considering that means I am reviewing pretty much constantly since I started because of this pandemic. I do understand some companies did not want to work with me because of the pandemic and similarly, I know I was untested and unproven, bar from the truly amateur reviews I have produced. I put on my serious cap on, and since have produced 2 (one more in the finishing stages) “sponsored” reviews, and am fortunate to still have more review projects to work on in the near future.

To be clear, in terms of what I mean by sponsored is that the company has taken a chance with me and has graciously lent me their product to be evaluated by me. As this is a passion, and that I am not getting paid to do this by said company, I am content with this arrangement, as this is also a form of unbiased, unfiltered content creation. If I am paid, I will be inclined to a certain degree. This is still a passion to me, and I find this arrangement to be the best, unbiased, passionate, and best content creation situation for me. This will make such projects more trustworthy as well, to my avid readers and to those visiting, and keep me unbiased towards such form of payment. However, I do still want to get something to just help with small expenses that involve this website and passion, so I only ask for your consideration to whitelist this page from any adblockers you may be using. That will be the only form of “encouragement” for me in terms of producing content. Either way, still expect only my best in my projects and posts.

Anyway, I am just also glad that this tough year has come to pass, and that I have stayed healthy this year. And for everyone else reading, I wish you all a Happy New Year, stay safe and stay healthy! Here is to a better 2021!


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