2021 Goals: improve headphones, priorities

I realized in the previous post, which is the 2020 year in review for this website, that I didn’t actually talk about my goals. Simply put, I was not very sure of my goals. I’ve more confidently settled on some of them, and I shall share them here. Apologies that it took until February to realize.

Now, I’m still in university, and in the last year at that. Classes are pretty tough, and tedious, so my priority is graduating at this point. I’m also a semester down because of the transfer due to the move by my family. So instead of the usual graduation at the end of this spring semester this year, I’ll be graduating after the fall semester this year. So yea, that’s that. Because of that I’ll prioritize reviews that need to go out versus blog posts. I am “borrowing” these review units and they need to be returned anyway. I’ll still be writing blog drafts during my free time though, and those have been interesting. There are a number good topics that I wrote about but am not sure if I am confident in posting them because I’m not entirely satisfied with them, or that I’m not entirely sure how they will be received. We’ll see.

In other news, my goal for my system this year is to improve on my headphone side, either in terms of the DAC for both systems or a dedicated amp for headphones. Maybe a Schiit Magni 3+. Maybe something else. Or something from the used market. We’ll see. Either way, I aim to have some dedicated headphone components to compare to, for better reviews, and even hopefully reviews into headphone stuff. As for my review goals, I want to branch out and hopefully be able to review other brands, or other products from there brands I’m already working with. It’s been a changing experience to be able to review products that I could not easily receive or experience. You know how the financial situation of students are.

With my main stereo system, I’m pretty satisfied with it right now, so I’m thinking it’ll stay the same unless something comes my way that’s better. I had received a little feedback regarding my sub placement with one of my previous reviews, and I aim to standardize a few things so that reviews will go better, smoother and I can troubleshoot better.

That’s all from me for now. I hope everyone stays safe, and happy listening!


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