Spotify HiFi: What will make it worth it?

Spotify today released news that they will be offering CD Quality and higher streaming through their Stream On series. What does this mean? I’m not typically one to write articles like this, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on them. I personally use Spotify a lot. For a few reasons.

Make no mistake, they are not the first ones to offer this service. Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon HD are among some of services that provide high resolution streaming, which is to say CD quality or above (also called lossless) formats. I personally have experiences with Tidal and Qobuz, and if there is one thing that separates all these services it’s the library that these services provide. Frankly, I listen to a lot of KPop, JRock, KR&B, K-Ballads, among other things like Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc. I listen to a lot but I list these specific genres for a reason. These are not commonly offered in these high resolution services. Some lesser known artists can be missing, and some are missing from any high-res streaming services. I find these genres I listen to as a basis for what service I use a lot. And not to mention I have built myself a very large collection on Spotify. Does it make sense to “transfer” everything one by one to a new service?

If Spotify can pull HiFi off with their current library, this will be quite the feat. I’ll be thoroughly convinced and I’ll gladly let them take my money so I can stream all the music I already have saved in my library (of which the total liked songs cumulates to more than 4000 songs I believe). Not to mention, Spotify connect is readily available, and a convenient form of streaming (through Wifi no less, which has products on the market that can confidently stream even the most demanding of formats, like DSD) that is compatible with a lot of products out there, even high-end audio components such as the PS Audio Stellar Strata I’m reviewing (a sneak peak at what’s next). If HiFi is automatically compatible to be streamed from Spotify Connect, I can confidently say this changes the game. Take my money already!

But, I must say, realistically, I don’t know if they can pull it off. It depends on their preparation. If these other companies can’t get library like Spotify, who is to say Spotify can pull it off either? Spotify isn’t an early adopter at this point even if they release it today (they plan to release this service in select markets later this year, with no set date). There is also the issue with Spotify Connect with HiFi. Not all products can do high resolution in the first place. What will they do with devices that can? Is it as simple as a software update? I’m not sure it is either. But I’m going to be pretty optimistic on this issue. If Spotify can pull this off, consider my money taken.

I’m only relaying information from what I’ve seen and read, so please do forgive me if I’ve missed something. I’m also no expert and this is my opinions. If you want to read more on what Spotify says about their plans on Spotify HiFi, I’ll link their article here, on five things to know about Spotify HiFi.

Meanwhile, you can also view their Stream On video here featuring Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, talking about how the option for HiFi is important to them:


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