2 review special released!

What a time for me. I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to review 3 products at the same time, 2 of which are done together, to make it easier on me. This was such an undertaking I took a lot longer than I though to write the up and release them. But I have released them nonetheless finally! And they are now live! What an opportunity. All 3 products were such a joy to have and to listen to, and definitely over my personal budget currently. But I’ll definitely be looking forward to when I start working (hopefully soon), so I can save up for these or something better in the future. Especially for when I have my own place to myself.

Anyway, it was definitely an interesting experience with PS Audio allowing me to review 3 of their products at once. It was very interesting to compare the two, as well as compare how good they were compared to my reference as well as in the resident audiophile’s system. They definitely perform, and do read my reviews for the full thoughts of the products that I had the chance to review all at once!

In other news, I’m also releasing another review soon, as I’m winding down on my hectic semester (hopefully the last in this rather online mode because of the Pandemic). I’ll be updating my setup page soon as well, since I have a rather up to date picture with the recent reviews. But do check them out and give them a look! A final push to the last of my semester, and a final push to more “normal” times here at least in the US. I hope everyone stays safe, and let’s get through this together!


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