Amazon Prime Day loot: KBear KS2 IEM & updates

I know I haven’t really been that active here that much, but rest assured, I am still in the process of getting stuff done. I also just recently released a review on a Parasound Amplifier today. And in other news, on Amazon Prime day (I have prime for various reasons such as renting books and the benefits that come with it), I have jumped the gun on something that seems rather unnecessary but is something I wanted to try for awhile. Also, after a trip for an Engineering Competition called FSAE Las Vegas Nevada Validation event, I lost one of the silicon tips to my Sony earbuds, so instead of getting replacements (I will eventually later maybe), I though this $20 pick-up seemed like a worthy try when I found it among the Amazon Prime Day Lightning deals. Well, that just means I now have “proper” IEMs that look and function like one with the detachable 2 pin cable, and the around the ear cable design and attachment.

So far, after trying it for a few days, I am genuinely surprised at the quality for something this cheap. I expected it to be rather harsh in the highs, and so far it is, but I’m very curious to see how it settles or something within the next few days and how I’ll get used to it or not. I don’t really have dedicated headphone components right now, so I’m using the USB C Samsung dongle I got for my Note20 as the connection to my computer and the Note20, and I’ll see how they perform in the future against other products. I’ll reserve much more proper judgement and comments until I fully experience this more.

Another thing to note is that I currently an lacking a proper preamplifier for my volume control and other switching needs. My loan with the Parasound NC200 has ended, and due do it being very overkill for what it is, I decided I’d rather look for a preamplifier than to just keep that due to many things going on in my life. Mostly due to the lack of funds as I am still a University student. Still very blessed to have all that I have, and to people who made this opportunity possible. Currently I’m using some old Chase technologies RLC-1 Remote Line Controller, which is very good in what it needs to do. Switching between things and being a passive volume control for anything between then and not hinder it very much. Well, now that just means the hunt is on. New goal: a nice preamplifier.

With that, I will keep you guys updated, and do keep an eye out for more reviews along the way. Stay safe, stay healthy, and until next time!

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