Year in Review: 2021

So, we’re now in 2022. You may have notice I’ve been rather absent this past few months. Well, I’ve been busy trying to graduate. And I have graduated indeed. Done with my Bachelors! And so, with that I’ll hopefully be able to focus a lot more on this website and the plans I have for the lineup of reviews I’ve got for the current reference components I’ve recently made acquisition of. Such as, the SVS SB-1000pro subwoofer, the Topping DX3 with the P50 linear power supply. Either way, here are some interesting statistics of the website from my view. Pretty much what I’ve done the past few years as well for my years in review.

In 2021, HiFi Sound Enthusiast was viewed 21,250 times, with 16,626 visitors, 10 likes and 3 comments. Interestingly, the most viewed article this year is back to being the Bookshelf vs. Speakers argument post I made years back, with 2,997 views. The Parasound NewClassic 200 integrated is the second most viewed article, which is my review of the product with 2,465 views. And the third place this year, was second place for the prior 2 years, the NHT SuperZero original mini-monitor speakers Review I did. The Parasound was a pretty strong contender from the 2020 summary, being the highest viewed “new” release I’ve done.

This year, the highest was the PS Audio Stellar GainCell DAC & S300 preamp/amplifier review. With the NHT C3 bookshelf speakers next and the PS Audio Stellar Strata Integrated Review in third. Pretty strong contenders this year for a good view count in this coming year with them, each with about 400-500 views, which was how much the Parasound had before going into 2021. I’m not going to assume, but based on the limited data, it just seems so.

Either way overall, we’ve seen quite the growth, increasing from 13,602 visitors in 2020 to 21,250 in 2021. I must attribute the last of exponential growth I’ve experiencing to a decrease in effort from 2020 to focus more on studies and other issues with in this summer in efforts to graduate the Fall of 2021. As well as the job search between all that. Either way, now that I’ve graduated, I plan on at least taking a break from academia, getting a job with my degree, and enjoying my life being less broke, and making more content here for myself and for my faithful friends who always help me along the way. More detailed plans for the year will be in a dedicated post. It was still a great 2021 for me at HiFi Sound Enthusiast, and I’ll be putting more effort in it as much as I can in this coming year. Thanks for a great 2021, and let’s get it in 2022!

Stay Passionate, stay safe, stay respectful,



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