Plan for 2022: Starting fresh?

So, as you might have seen in the Year in Review post for 2021, I am trying to plan out my year and am trying to keep to this plan, as I have other new obstacles in this coming year, as well as other ambitions. But regardless, plans change so I won’t be too detailed and to a tee. I’ll leave some room here and there for that and have the plans be flexible as always. And so, here is my plan what I have in store:

New Job, so new setup

I have accepted a job offer that will put me overseas until roughly the end of the year, so that puts a lot of review plans out the window. I’m still going to finish the SVS SB-1000pro review, which only needs pictures at this point, so expect that really really soon. But other than that, my plan for the temporary new location is that I will either be getting a more portable setup as a temporary measure, or getting a more headphone-based setup from my options in that country. It’s going to be in Taiwan, but I’m not going to reveal exactly where for my safety purposes, so that’s all I’m going to say. I’ll still be coming back to the US though, that’s a for sure thing. And when I do, I’ll be moving out as well (I’m still living in the comfort of my parents’ as it was cheaper for Uni that way), so that’s something I’ll be discussion more of in the main setup changes in the future, because that new place is definitely not set. Either way, expect more blogs, more “new” stuff reviews with funds from my new job. Kinda excited and nervous for this new opportunity, so I’ll be preparing for that and finishing the SVS review in the meantime.

Main setup upgrade plans remain unchanged

Despite the new developing situation (I’m in the process of document signing and other stuff but haven’t officially started with the company), my plans for upgrades on the main system remains largely unchanged, for when I get back. Definitely going to find some kind of dedicated preamp for my system, maybe a better DAC (but not urgent), and maybe power upgrades as I can with regenerators or conditioners. Want to experiment with them. And in terms of the new place as I have to move out, we shall see what the situation is, but definitely I have home theater plans in mind, like I mentioned before in the main page for a long a** while. Initially that was for a dedicated page for home theater stuff that was the game room in this house, but there was a big difficulty in my plans to illustrate that without the mess in there because it doubled as a guest room and other mess of storages that my parents use that room for. Without that in the future, that’ll be something I can show more of.

Overseas unrelated gear plan

As you might know, I’m not just an enthusiast in audio. I’m also generally a tech enthusiast as well as an amateur photographer that does it for fun. While I’m in Taiwan, with my own money, I might be picking a few things up, such as, maybe a camera? I’ve been eyeing a mirrorless for a long while already. And not to mention, maybe a PC to upgrade this one? Or I might stick with getting a gaming laptop instead of a desktop so I can lug it back? Plans are definitely not set, but something I’ll definitely look into while there.

Blog plans

Because it’s also a country I’ve never been, I’ll be updating with possibly beautiful scenery you can’t get in the US. We shall see. But for now, it’s going to be an audio focused blog as I “start fresh” in Taiwan. Exciting stuff. Keep a look out for that definitely. But I won’t leave everything behind. I’ll definitely be bringing the V-Moda, the Sony, the K-Bear IEMs, but the Sennheiser is a maybe. I might just want to try out other stuff while there. Definitely the plan is going there light, but maybe returning heavy. It’s kinda easier that way, since anything I bring back will be more of a good to have, while anything I bring there is a necessity which might just be easier sourced there than waiting for it to be shipped here.

Again, nothing is set in stone, and I will be seeing the situation as it unfolds. I am starting the first week of March, so it’s still a bit of time before I start. Until then, depending on the need, I’ll either catch you guys here with another blog post, or on the flip side of the globe with the next blog post.


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