In Taiwan! I ended up bringing a lot less….

*Note: Taiwan is not currently open for normal visitors at the time of writing. I’m in due to a special visa as I need to be here for work

Hello from Taiwan! I’ve been quarantining based on the Taiwan CDC guidelines on Covid-19, and basically I’m on Day 9 here, with one more full day of quarantine and staying in this hotel room before I can hop on a bus to get to the city I need to be for work, for a further self-health management and other stuff. But Jetlag hasn’t really gotten to me at least, and I’ve been eating well. Maybe a little too well. I want to get moving and playing Badminton and stuff (my “active” passion), but that’ll have to wait I guess. I’ve been surviving on workout videos (Chloe Ting’s abs workout be killer). Either way, I did have plans last time regarding what I wanted to bring, but that got kind of slashed when I realized I didn’t really have space in my luggage for all the clothes and absolute necessities for a long-term stay in Taiwan. Rest assured, I’ll be back in the US for sure, nothing has changed, but I’m going to enjoy my time here as much as I can.

So what did I end up bringing? Not that much. I ended up bringing the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless, the Sony WF-1000XM4 (although there is a slight change and an interesting situation that come with this one), and the Sony MDRXB55AP, and in fact, 2 of them. I had purchased one while I was temporarily working in another city in my company’s temp office, because I had needed a way to connect to the PS4 controller. And I did have a blue old one with aftermarket earbuds because I had lost one in a trip in the past. I did also ended up bringing a wireless speaker, a 2013 model of a Jawbone MiniJambox. This this was gifted by a dear friend when I was in Florida, and it’s been in my possession since, just rarely used. And that’s about it. I’ve been using the MiniJambox in the bathroom and stuff for listening since I wanted to do that when I was temporarily placed in a hotel for the temp office, and it felt too empty alone in the bathroom. The other two I’ve been using in bed to chill, and swap out when one ran out batter and I was lazy or I wanted the more felt bass of the V-Moda. I used the Sony for the majority of the flight here, and realized that the noise cancelling was superb, cancelling out almost all of the plane hum for a very, very peaceful sleep over the pacific.

Now, I haven’t done a review on the WF-1000XM4, but I’ll be doing that when I have time. I do plan on exploring and stuff around Taiwan in my free time. I also did get a new camera gear, a Nikon Z5 mirrorless, and that has been super nice to shoot a badminton event with the other day. I didn’t want to just keep borrowing gear that was my mom’s (yea I was borrowing a DSLR that was my mom’s). And this was the solution with the paychecks I’ve been getting. Pricey, but worth it. And I’ll be using it for the pictures in the future, and from this one (featured above is the Sony WF-1000XM4)

Oh yea, and that interesting story? That consisted of my usual somewhat forgetful self. I have a cream colored version of the XM4, the exact model my brother has, and I usually leave it on my bedstand, every night. And that very morning, in my mind full of worrying about making sure I bring everything necessary for this long-term stay, I totally left it on the bedstand and only realized, as I midway to the airport driving my own car (with my brother in the passenger as he needed the car that day as well and he was going to bring it back home). And since he did bring his, he offered me his XM4 instead so we swapped and he gave me his black XM4 so I can use it during the flight and during my time here. So that’s why I have a black XM4 instead of my grey/cream colored ones. Thanks bro. Totally didn’t have to, but it was nice of him to do that for me.

Anyway, I’ll be back to my schedule of watching kdramas and finishing them as I try to keep myself entertained for the rest of quarantine. I’ll keep you all updated. Until next time, stay safe, stay passionate!


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