I’m now a Moondrop hog (Moondrop Blessing 2)

Well. This time, I was actually going back for the Final audio E3000. I tested out the other Final Audio stuff in the range, the E1000, E2000, E4000, but I really liked the E3000. BUT. There is a big but here, I also happened to test to the Moondrop Blessing 2, again. Lo and Behold, as the title says, I ended up going home with it. Honestly, testing the Blessing 2 (this is not the Dusk version which has Crinicle’s slight tunings), I thought it was initially too bright and sharp for my tastes, but it did excel in certain things and it impressed me enough to get it. I will get into more detail in the full review, but although it wasn’t totally my preference, I took a further listen (bringing along the Moonriver 2 so that I can at least play these samples with proper resolution and situation), and was convinced getting on these pretty quick, so I gave them my piece of plastic for transaction, which had a few issues but nonetheless all good, and ran. I swear this time, again, that the box design didn’t contribute to my purchasing decision. At least I didn’t spend several hours at this place. It was very interesting, deciding on something that was much cheaper vs. something much more expensive.

With this, I think I shall be taking a break from this spending spree. Maybe just actually go back for the E3000 or something, just to have one, but I feel a lot more satisfied with the level of quality from all three of the IEMs (technically more so 2 models) I’ve gotten so far. And I’m really trying to get myself to reasonable work level between my actual work, which I’m in Taiwan for. Between also trying to explore Taiwan (which I did this past weekend writing this as well), and all the other general wants and things to do, I don’t get that much time. And I actually haven’t been using the first thing on the list to be testing, the Sony WF-1000XM4 that much recently as well. I do need to, but these IEMs with the Moonriver have been prying my attention away from the product. I need to properly take a break from this setup to fully review the Sony’s. Not that they haven’t been used at all. There were more situations in which it was also somewhat convenient enough for me to reason using these more than the XM4. Well, I shall get to some reviews as soon as I can, putting aside my procrastination as soon as possible. Until then, this was a short update on being a Moondrop hog, stay safe, stay passionate. J, out.

Moondrop Blessing 2 box cover art

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