2022 Statistics and updates!

Hello everyone! It has been awhile. I have been up to interesting developments for the future of this website. But as I have been doing for the past years, and since it is a fun thing to note, I shall share some statistics from the prior year of 2022!

I am very grateful to know that in general visitations and viewership has increased, with 34,147 views, 27,101 visitors despite only posting 9 posts the prior year. I haven’t always been able to create content due to the situation you all may know I am in, being overseas for some work and without my “reference” setup and being able to do speaker related stuff.

In comparison, 2021 had 21, 250 views and 16,626 visitors. And that’s about a 61% increase in views, and a 63% increase in visitors. Quite the interesting feat. for me not doing so much for the website itself. Not to mention, the most viewed posts of this year have been some older posts from my early years. However, that is about to change when I go back home later, in about a month or two. I did plan on having more posts last year, however that was all changed when I was assigned to do some work overseas, as I am doing now, and will be just for awhile longer. I also might have plans for some changes and upgrades, which is what I’m about to talk about next.

For this holiday season (of which I hope everyone had a good time), a few changes and upgrades were got. For one, my dad has generously given me official possession of the Emerald Physics 100.2SE amplifier for my birthday recently (thank you very much!), and so that completes current set, and that everything I have currently are my own possessions. And, in addition, I have a new cornerstone to the system, that being a specific Canton Vento 100. Much, much more details will be revealed later, and this shall be an announcement, for now. The NHT C3 still stays for now, and I still have in my possession the set that started this all, the Sony SS-K10ED which I have plans for as well, along with maybe a surprise pick-up to complete maybe a home theater set (a little tease to what I have in store).

Either way, a big thank you to everyone that has been with my for my journey, and I have received suggestions regarding improvements via the discord server I host, and hope to maybe implement them sometime in the future. I will work harder and aim to get my projects out faster provided the situation of working is better (yea asian work culture here kind of sucks). I’ll catch you all in the discord, or the next post, happy new year, and although there were a few unfortunate events in some other hobbies and interests of mine, let’s not allow it to get us down too much, and we shall make the best of this year! Until next time, stay passionate, safe, and healthy to everyone!


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