The Root of all Overthinking

As I sit here, writing for anyone at all, I wonder what I should be doing in life. Having watched that life-changing documentary, “Twinsters” (I recommend you watch it), if you haven’t already seen what I wrote about it in my previous 2 blog posts, I wonder if something positively life-changing could happen to me too.

Well, I have this passion of mine involving speakers, and this site, so that would mean that it would be life-changing to have it become popular, and well-known to the world. In the first place, it’s hard to promote this site because I’m kinda afraid to reveal myself completely to this scary world, based on experience and opinions of those around me. It doesn’t help that I don’t have anyone who is an audiophile, that is willing to help me share and read my site for that matter. I have my dad, but it’s kind of embarrassing for me to share this site with him, if you know what I mean (sorry dad, if you’re reading this eventually).

Well, if anything I’m going to write this site for myself, and anyone that comes to it by accident, on purpose, and for the audiophiles in the world to express their opinions in a friendly, non-judging environment, as much as possible. That is the ultimate goal for this site. And I just hope it doesn’t become a case of “you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”, if you get my drift. Well, all in all, I intend to keep this positive and probably a comedic site, as I try to invoke my lame comedian attempts.

Even if I eventually delete this site, render it inactive, like my physical self here, sitting on my desk writing this blog entry, I hope everyone gets something out of it, like a laugh out loud, as it is now audible heavy nostril breathing, or better understanding, and welcoming to being an audiophile, with a passion to improve listening to your entertaining entertainment.


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