Status: Exam stressed

Hey guys, so exams period is here! So, it’ll be especially hard for me to divert my focus to my blog for awhile, because I’ll by studying for my IB and AP tests that are coming up. It’s my senior year in high school, so it’s the final exams of my high school career. After that I’ll be heading off to college! I’ve already gotten accepted to a college and in the process of scheduling my schedule for my freshman year. I’ll be doing Mechanical Engineering, at Florida Institute of Technology, so you can see me there, even if you don’t recognize me *hehe*. However, since I’m in the here and now, I’m going to focus on finishing my high school strong, and pass all my IB and AP tests! Therefore, a number of hours of cramming (due to procrastination) is needed, hence my absence for awhile. So, even though I’m not the most active here, I will be even more inactive for awhile. Either way, wish my mental state good luck (and most likely goodbye), and I’ll be back soon!


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