Status: Exam free (for the moment anyway)

Just a short update, as I begin another chapter in my life, after graduating from High School and stuff, I’ll be on break, but won’t be able to do much after the 25th as I’m going out of the country. Despite being exam-free in terms of physical school, I still have my virtual school to finish up, so I’ll be busy for a little bit more, before going on the trip. Have no fear! I have a few reviews that I have stashed so that I can regularly (as much as possible), roll out for you guys who read it. Besides that, I’m going to have several goodbye gatherings and in the meantime, in between all that virtual school, I’ll still get to listen to my forever good-looking and pleasantly sounding Sony’s. Then, it’ll back to my V-moda’s for the trip. Until the next update, expect some good reviews and opinions!


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