College and the slight lack of content

College has started to pick up, and so far I’ve been really busy. I’m finding the saying that college is no social life for 4 years partly true. I say partly because there are times where I have a lot of things to do, and some time to spare. Personally, I would use the spare time to get ahead on homework and stuff, but sometimes I just need a break. Lately, that’s not happening and so content has been absent these past 2 weeks or so. I can blame part of it on Hurricane Irma that passed (kind of) my area, which stopped school and etc. because it ended up being that most of my classes required catching up. And that in itself is the chaos that has recently kind of died down. One post I was working on ended up being messy and out of focus, so I spent about two hours writing about something that was supposed to be a supporting subject. It was probably some stress that was relieved through that, and at least now I still have something to work and edit on before posting. Keep looking out for some interesting ( I try at least ) content!


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