Revisit on the Sony SS-K10ED

My Sony SS-K10ED has stayed with me for quite awhile now, and it has been through quite a lot in terms of the components that I’ve switched between, tested and even compared against to speakers. If there were better options I would gladly switch and go for the other. But these are the ones that will be staying with me for another long time to go because of what I’ve realized, putting these Sony speakers against other high-end brands that are similar.

Honestly, because of these bookshelf speakers, which continues to amaze me to this day when I hear them, I am driven to do what I do. To write about audiophile components and speakers, put them up in comparison against others, and so far, they have never lost. Soon enough they might, but, for now they’re the winner for me. These speakers are going to forever change my view on Sony’s brand. To be completely honest when I see the Sony’s in the likes of Best Buy, or any electronic store, I used to think that was typical Sony. In reality, these under the radar (because you don’t see them in stores and are not really advertised) speakers are more Bang-for-your-buck than you can imagine. They sound really good for an originally $600 pair of speakers. And that’s still saying a lot, even after they were first reviewed because I’ve pitted them up against others. They are comparable to the likes of several thousand dollar speakers from other companies. Heck, I’d say they can be better than some.

Image taken from a search

I’m not going to name names, but the bottom-line here is, that these small bookshelf speakers made by Sony, in my opinion, are underrated. Really underrated. If I had not gotten these, I wouldn’t have known. This attempt from Sony in the high-end audiophile department is not a vain attempt. They were serious. Serious enough to warrant that they even made some really good audiophile grade speakers and everyone kind of knew. Kind of. Like the picture to your left, the Sony SS-M9ED, which the SS-K10ED takes the tweeters from (the ED “extended definition”), are the speakers I’m taking about. They are really good as far as I’ve heard. But there are some doubters because of the image of typical Sony speakers that you can find in stores like Best Buy. Which aren’t very good.


Now, these SS-K10ED speakers I’ve had for some time, and it’s a legitimately good thing that they aren’t replaced yet in my system. That means they’re the best I can get. Even more so after all the reviews I’ve done. They have solidified how good they are. As a started in being in audiophile, it’s so far more than I can ask for. At this point anyway. I can’t imagine anything better other than my dad’s system. That’s hardcore a step or two ahead in almost every way to this. But it’s comparably given a chance. That’s really good for something a few times less than that system’s worth.

As an example of the many components I’ve put this through, those my dad has reviewed and I’ve tried like the Auralic Altair and Polaris, NAD C368 hybrid DAC amplifier, the original Topping TP-41 I had, the JVC receiver that I currently have and many more. The stand out of the products paired was the Auralic Polaris, which brought this speaker to it’s full potential so far in my opinion. I’m writing this as I’m listening to this as well, so it as a bit of taste as to how it sounds compared to some forums you can find online (that are like years old for this speaker…) this speaker’s potential can be a relatively deep and wide sound-stage that could go past the speaker, superb sound separation, instrumentation differentiation can be relatively easy depending on the music, realistic instrumentation that I would believe and immediately say, for example that what’s playing is a guitar, with really good transparency.

If you look online contrary to what I’ve said, these speakers have been said to have a “canned” sound which is in my opinion an unsuitable pairing between an amplifier and other components. These will and can produce really good sound for the buck as you may also find people saying. And as I’m saying as well, they definitely are. Unless you want to take it a step further and go for above 4 digit speakers, these are the ones for me, and anyone should probably shortlist these if you’re looking for a sub-$100 used speakers. At least give it a listen and touch (literally) because the quality is no joke.

In summary, Sony is (in my opinion) like a person who, when they get serious they can be really good, but when they aren’t, really aren’t. And in terms of seriousness, this is a testament to their abilities, albeit not at the highest level either. Now that’s something I’m passing the torch to actual reviewers for.



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