New Project category: Earphones, Headphones

New project coming up! I’m going to deviate a bit and dive into some headphones/earphones. I don’t have much going on with the speakers/components situation so I’m looking for something to do. I recently had a busy week in school, hence a week of just stressing out and focusing on my studies before I’m doing something. Speaking of which, I had recently bought new headphones that are pretty decent, but mainly I bought because I had thought I had lost the included earphones that came with my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I found it eventually, but I got decent ones that I can enjoy as well. I also have headphones that are in the three digits range that I had bought a long time ago that I can review as well. You’ll find out soon what they are so I’m not going to be giving them away just yet. It’s going to be my first time reviewing earphones/headphones so I’m going to do some research and do my best, because for this I can’t really rely on my dad because he doesn’t review earphones/headphones. It’ll take some work. Either way, I’m going to do reviews for headphones/earphone so look forward to that!


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