Black Friday Audio Sales

If you live in the US, you probably know about the Black Friday sales that happens across the united states. It’s a REALLY BIG sale event that every store does. Most places will go overnight for this event and some people camp for Black Friday deals. I’m writing this is probably a small blog because I didn’t have time to do anything. So, I thought I’d write about deals that happen on Black Friday. Well basically everything happens, and how cheap certain things get is just pure madness. As an audiophile, this could be one of the most exciting events to get my hands no new components for a fraction of the cost. I just so happened to notice that really, not much happens in terms of deals of higher-end audio components and was bummed out.

Today I just happened to be at a Best Buy looking at some pre-sale happenings and maybe checking out some things there as well. This Best Buy I was at had a Magnolia section where they sell High-end audio components and speakers such as Definitive Technology, Martin Logan and Bowers and Wilkins. Even in the past years’ Black Friday sales, I didn’t see much in terms of audio components getting discounts which bums me out. I’m really also part tech-junkie (but doesn’t buy much because I’m broke), so seeing some deals for the audio side of my passion would be nice. I mean, who wouldn’t like to see some of the more costly components (new, especially) cost less, so they wouldn’t have to save up for months on end just to get it? Plus, you’ll have more for other components you could have wanted to spend on.

The more common audio things in general that are on sale are more the smaller things such as wireless speakers, some headphones ( I only saw some for beats at the moment, and as you may know those are overpriced for how much it costs to make ), and probably soundbars. I haven’t said much in the sense of soundbars but definitely they aren’t what you want as audiophile because you can get cheaper bookshelf speakers for the price that will offer much better experience because a soundbar has it’s limitations. I’m just saying I feel that we do get the short-end on some of the awesome madness for most that occur during Black Friday.

Now, I’m actually writing this way before Black Friday happens so most stores don’t actually have a catalog for what they have on sale. I might be jumping the fence, but as a disclaimer we might see some deals in terms of audio components (I somewhat doubt so though). If I missed something please let me know, but other than that, that’s all for this week’s rant. Look forward to my next project!


1 thought on “Black Friday Audio Sales

  1. You probably have more luck on Amazon or other online shops. Audiophile gear is a niche thing, if they sold gear very cheap during those discount events most audiophiles would refuse to buy at full price.
    Then again I might be wrong. 🙂

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