The Year in review and the New Year Ahead: Plans and stuff for 2019 and looking back at 2018


I’ve been a bit busy this holiday season with other things other than audio, but I thought I’d update everyone with what my plans are for this upcoming year because I’ll be busy until the new year anyway. I’m still working on the NHT SB1 review, but I’ve pretty much figured out what to write and just need to write it out, as well as take pictures for the visuals (somehow those are just one out of many things that hold up my review though). I’m away at the moment, so I won’t be able to do them until the end of my trip. Speaking of which, that means I’ve been putting my V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2 to the test externally as I’ve been bring them around North Eastern America. A few visits here and there, exposed to the cold outside in this winter, and being tossed a bit in the car, but it’s holding up really well. Nothing really surprising considering the V-Moda Crossfade LP that I still have had lasted me about 4 years before the leather on the band crinkled and cracked out.

But back to the topic at hand, 2019 brings about new things and new resolutions for myself and many other people in the world. Some may be a resolution that they made in 2017, started in 2018 and maybe will continue in 2019, but here are some New year’s resolution for this Blog from me:


Quite surprisingly I’ve been getting quite a lot of visitors and views from the search on the web based on the statistics I see in my page, so I will try to be producing works of those kinds that people want to read and want to know about, because it’s a lot of the informational blog posts that seem to be what people want to read, and of course reviews on audio products that I come across. If you must know, the most read review is that of the Velodyne CT-100 Subwoofer with about 758 views at the time of writing from this year alone. It’s the only subwoofer I have reviewed because it’s the subwoofer that I am using currently, and have not had an opportunity to upgrade at the moment. I’ve been having thoughts about trying to get another subwoofer to review if the opportunity presents itself, because it seems a lot of people like my subwoofer review, but other than that something like a post about basic audio information such as the second most read work this year, with 576 views, that I’ve written, about the differences between Bookshelf and Monitor speakers.


Now those are just statistics from this year, but again they don’t tell the whole story. This year, compared to last year, I’ve had an increase of about 10 fold in views, from about 437 views in 2017 to 4299 (at the time of writing) this year in 2018, which is quite surprising for me. I know very well myself that a medium like this isn’t the best for getting the word out there, but this is how I wanted to do it based on my situation, skill level, and other factors, but I’ve honestly grateful my works are getting out there and are being read. Whether they are truly helpful are a different matter, but as part of what I’ve implemented as a theme in any of my works, I want the work to be as useful as possible. I have a few ideas of finding out if they are helpful which I might try in this new year. Again, with the information and access to a relatively reliable source, I shall continue to produce works that will help anyone what might come across them.


As usual with my gear, I will review what I come across, and update you guys on any changes. I will, like this year, follow the same principle that I have been on this year. If it’s not as good as the one I have, I’m not changing it. But there are a few things I’m aiming for at the moment. What gear I’m aiming for will change depending on the situation like it did this year, but as of now, I’m think about looking in to different subs, maybe look into a stereo integrated amplifier instead of a surround sound processor like the NAD T747. But again, like with anything with this blog and my situation as a College student (still living at home to save costs), this is how I’m going to go about this. So in essence, I’ll take what I can get, but I’m aiming for maybe a different sub to compare or a new amp(centerpiece) to my system.

A new medium?

Like I said about the medium (which is obviously blog/site form), is not the best for reaching a greater amount of audience. That being said, I’m considering going another route to reach other potential audiences while bring content that are easier to digest for other people. Video, or specifically I’m looking into maybe doing something along the lines of a Youtube Channel and bringing some of my older content to more people, such as basic audio knowledge. I have been dabbling in a little video editing for fun with my group of friends, and it has come to my attention this might be more feasible than I thought. As such I am willing to consider this medium and will depend on my future efforts to see if I will go through with it.


Again, as this is currently an amateur source with no professional funding, I’m not expecting to spend money on advertising or a subscription to WordPress (where I’m hosting this site), hence, I’m also not expecting anything like substatially more views like this bump I’ve been seeing from last year to this year (2017 to 2018). I’m already a sophomore in college so, as per usual there will be times where I have to prioritize and there will be periods where I will not post anything. There isn’t a schedule for posting as of yet, so that is something I will be looking into especially for when I’m really busy with everything else, especially when the feature is there for those of you who know. But then again, content is relatively hard to come by sometimes, so I shall try my best to cover useful topics for anyone and everyone that will come across those works.

Until then, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and I shall see you guys on the other side in a future work!


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