Returning to the fray: update 8/3/2019

To all my readers, I have returned from the hectic event called moving. My internship has ended before the move and I have mostly settled into the new house. There are still things to do, a few more boxed to unpack after assembling shelves and etc, but most everything is settled and I’m trying to get used to this Arizona weather and this monsoon season that they are having around this time. The heat is quite unbearable but I think I’m getting used to it. I have settled (well, mostly) my transfer to my new University and will be starting soon as well. In the meantime, whenever I’m not busy with getting ready for that and probably for the first week or so of the semester, I’ll try to get writing done for the Windor 10 and other that I have in store for you guys. With this move, there are quite a number of changes with I will be updating in the respective pages for you guys, so keep an eye on the announcements for those as well! Without further ado, I’m back, and keep an eye out for some new developments!


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