Onix Rocket RS250 review out now! & updates

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all! It is about 11.42pm December 25th where I am, so it’s still Christmas day. I hope everyone has had a great and joyous day. It’s been quite awhile but I’ve neglected this blog for studies and I’ve finally completed this review that I’ve had about more than 30 revisions on, as I’ve had little time between days to work on them. Nevertheless, the semester is done, I have time, and I have made it to be published today on Christmas for you all, because I thought this would be a nice thing to finally release for you all to read the day after or now, as my Christmas gift to you all! I must apologize for being this late, but I have also been experimenting with video montage for these speakers to no avail, but nevertheless the review is out finally! I have abandoned the video making attempts for now, but will try again in the meantime. I do have another project lined up, and I have maybe a few topics I will write about that might be helpful to new audiophiles or young audiophiles. Until the next one!


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