Year in Review: 2019 stats, update and future plans

As 2019 is winding down, despite my busier schedule because of my relatively sudden move, settling down at a new University, busy semester neglecting this website blog, there were some interesting statistics you readers have brought me. I didn’t manage to get that much content out there for you guys, but it seems that the viewership for many of my articles has nearly doubled, from about 4300 total views in 2018 to about 7900 at the time or writing. I know there hasn’t been much in terms of what I put out for the whole year compared to the previous years, but I am just happy that there are people out there that read my content, helpful or not. In this case, I’ll be assuming that the most helpful of articles and content will be those that have been looked at a lot over the year.

To get into it, some of the most interesting statistics that I see from my side is the fact that one of my articles has been getting quite consistent views, generating an average of about 6 views per day, the Bookshelf vs. Monitor speakers article where I dive into the definition of the term Bookshelf speakers and Monitors. That was a solid 2nd in 2018, and have taken over for 1st this year. Additionally, the NHT SuperZero (original) review has been one that garnered the views as well. Released last year in 2018, despite others getting a head start, it reached 3rd in views and has now caught up and is 2nd in views this year, sitting at about 1400 views at the time of writing. Unfortunately, nothing that I have written this year has been visited a lot to be in the top 10 in the viewership, so I am taking that as a sign I need to step up my game more, and I will certainly try to do so, in the future where possibilities are endless. I do have a few projects lined up this coming year as well, so look forward to that (I did get a few new items so 😉 )

In terms of some future goals, since I live in Arizona now, I’m not sure where any audio expos will be, but I want to attend one again if possible, since it was very interesting and very nice to be at the forefront of companies’ gear and their idea of great sound. Another goal would be to strive for more improvements to my system, and one thing I’m sort of eyeing my sights on is possibly a better DAC with 24 bit 192kbps capabilities via usb as that is the most convenient way for me. Or perhaps look into ways I can use the other ports now that I have some newer gear. I also strive to take better pictures. Not sure how they came out this year, but I think there were some great shots and not so great shots that I shared. Also to touch on it, the Music Hall DAC15.2 shown above is just one of the retaken pictures that I probably wish went into that review since I have a few new gears that allowed for that quality picture. Nevertheless, I will strive to do better in that regard as well. I also know that I haven’t dived into more knowledge based sharing that I’ve wanted to do for awhile personally, so I want to do that in the coming year as well. And finally, I personally wish that you guys, my readers, continue to give me your support in doing this, and I appreciate the support in this hobby, but also my passion project, being patient and also just at least supporting via views and whatnot. As a teaser for you guys, I’m also diving into videography, so maybe we’ll see some videos come out in the next year regarding my projects? 😉 Until next year!


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