RIP Music Hall DAC15.2

I might have mentioned this in the discord server I am running to interact with many people on the inter-webs who are into audio, but I have to retire my DAC. Recently, the Music Hall DAC15.2 that I’ve been running, has been “shorting” out every like 20 seconds and it cuts off the sound coming from the system. And while I was diagnosing the issue, I had eliminated the preamp from the equation (and controlled volume digitally from the desktop), and those short, which were small pops with the preamp was a HUGE one without the preamp. Well, testing the preamp and the amp alone, no issues came about. And testing no DAC and desktop to preamp and amp was no issue too. So this is now a purely DAC issue. I took a lot at the internals of the DAC, and there is literally nothing I can do. Well, at least it was a good look at the internals. Either way, because of the low price when I bought this and for how cheap it was, it’s not that worth it to fix it if it comes up to more than $50, which it might. So, after a good 4 year run (I think, have to double check on that), it’s time to say goodbye to the Music Hall DAC15.2. I’ll be looking for a new DAC now. Who knows what’s in store for me now. But for sure, I’ll take you on the journey.

Speaking of which, any recommendations for a budget DAC in the server or in the contacts would be welcome if there is any, for anything under $200. I am personally also looking into used, so that would be something I would look for myself. Small update to the new review projects, they are going and they will be released soon. Until then, look forward to it!


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