A new find! Topping D30 DAC and P50 Linear Power supply

Finally! I have found something to re-complete the system which was rendered as such because of the death of the Music Hall DAC15.2. And this was a great deal, with both being purchased in one auction. Both came really nicely packaged and the condition does not look used at all. And so far, trying it out, it’s pretty good! I found this as an auction listing on Ebay and was able to win the bid. This was a great deal, being less than half the price for both units, with an MSRP of $119 for the D30, and the $129 for the P50 as far as I can tell. The price I got included shipping and was shipped fast, only adding to my excitement.

Both look cosmetically near perfect, and is very good. However, this is not going to be the final DAC I’ll settle on. With headphones being something I also want to focus on, due to some benefits especially on the end that I can less disturb members of the house, I do want something to accommodate for headphones as well. Whether that be a headphone amplifier, or something else, we shall see. I have just settled on a purchase, and the other product will arrive soon, so stay tuned for that. But for now, the D30 will have to do. I will also be completing a few tests such as using included switching power supply with the D30 vs. using the P50, and will be publishing my findings as well. That will be exciting to see.

In the picture above as well, my mode for preamplification and volume control is this Chase Remote Line controller RCL-1 product, an old device which has no knobs but a remote control for volume control and input switching. This is the solution with me missing a more convenient preamp, but I also wish to get rid of this large device, sitting atop the Emerald Physics. So, a more convenient and proper in terms of my usage preamplifier would be nice. Those are my plans for now, and having worked over the summer, I have some funds I can allocate for this. You shall see soon what I have in store. Either way, stay tuned, I will be releasing a new review this weekend. Until then, stay passionate everyone!


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