And another one: Topping DX3 Pro (V2)

Soooooo although the D30 is a great bundle with the Linear Power supply, I found the next better thing for my situation: the Topping DX3 Pro (V2). It’s also already arrived so I’m already testing everything out in excitement. And my system is now pretty small and compact. This now gets rid of my Chase RLC-1 and adds headphones into the mix as well as Bluetooth playback, and specifically also LDAC Bluetooth playback. Nice. I’m also going to testing this in the very near future. So what does this mean to the D30 that I just got?

Well, in short, I’m going to sell it. Not before I test that thing, and all the plans I have for it. But if anyone reading is interested in it, keep an eye out for a listing somewhere for the D30. I’m still keeping the P50 though. This works with the DX3 so why not.

Anyway, this is a short update a new procured device. Please excuse me as I go an enjoy more of the DX3 Pro. Stay passionate!


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