SVS SB-1000Pro review out! Post review thoughts, status update

Man, that was an interesting review. There was a delay when dealing with the review, in that the school stuff really got in the way of completing that review. There was also time between each revision of that review as well. The picture is like out of date compared to what I have at the moment for the setup picture, and well, the review still stands for all the components used, so that saves me more work at least. I also finally really got time to like disconnect the part of the system for the subwoofer to take pictures of it, and I think they turned out really nice. That honestly was the hard part. Getting it out and picture. I was enjoying the sub a lot in the meantime. I was lazy to get it out of the place to get it pictured. Had to push my butt to get off to get it outside my room for the picture session right before I posted and did final checks, and there was the review up. It was about time my butt did get up for that anyway. The product itself went through a price change in the middle of the review as well since the SVS had to hike the price by $100 because of the global challenges we are all experiencing and facing.

Meanwhile, since I’m not preparing for the workforce, I’ll be trying to use this opportunity to finish up the other reviews I have at hand. Not too much time left before I will actually be in the work force, starting at the end of February for my position with my first company. Not going to lie, it’s nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. Will I like it? Will I be ok at least? The pay is good, but is it going to be worth it? I’ll also be outside of the country for awhile because of it, so it’s also something new I’m going to experience. Something new in a lot of ways. First time living alone? Yep. I stayed with my parents and commuted since it was cheaper that way for University. First time living alone in a different country? Yep as well. I’ve lived outside of the country. But not this one, and not alone. So yea, that’s something that’s been on my mind since I’ve signed. Excited, scared, nervous, but mostly excited. I’ll have some funds for my own to explore and spend as well. My passions are generally expensive, and a bunch of it involves either tech, cars or photography/videography, and I definitely left out audio. So those things can really pile as well if I want to get into them. But will I have time for them? I know I’ll be working overtime and I’m fine with that since it was mentioned when I was interviewing. I can’t really just assume how it’ll all pan out when I’m there and how much time I’ll have in having time for all that, so we’ll see. Either way, I’ll see you in the next review, and if not in the US, I’ll see you all on the other side of the world!


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