Final act abroad: Final Audio E3000

Well this should not have been too much of a surprise to those who have read the last few posts. I’ve had my eye on this Final Audio model, and have instead gone to be a Moondrop hog. Anyway, I figured since I had a few days off before my flight back to the US permanently, I was going to do a few things that would be fitting to end this trip, including getting a few things such as things that would be worth getting here instead of the US, souvenirs, and other things like that. And I popped by the same store I bought the rest of the Moondrop, or anything I have regarding audio here since it had pretty much a ton of stuff, as well as stuff to physically try.

And so I walked out without trying anything this time around, just grabbing and going on the E3000, although I was contemplating between the E3000C or the E3000 with the difference being the mic and controls. I could actually care less about those, so I just grabbed the E3000 and went about my day. After the souvenirs purchased, I have now finally sat down and tried the E3000. We will see how this performs for my full review that is in the works, but in the meantime I shall give me impressions. I chose this because the sample in the store impressed me, not in detail, but in the overall enjoyment I got, the smoothness, the soundstage, and the bass for the size. If you ever want something that does not stick out at all, this is what you want to get. They look fragile as heck, but they are very small, compact, and the housing is stainless steel with a mirror finish which looks super nice, and feel pretty weighty for the size. I’m just excited to try them out in the long-term as well. We’ll see.

Anyway, as this also hints, I am on my way out of Taiwan. I am moving back to the US. That also means I will have a new personal abode later, as I am moving out of my parents for this job as well since it is in another city, but I will still be in Arizona, close-ish to home, but not close enough for work. And this is just a quick update in audio journey while not at home base, in a more temporary situation experimenting with IEMs this time around. Thanks for just following this short journey. I will be doing more when I get back home. Until then, stay safe, stay passionate.



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