After so long, I am back with a project: Sony WF-1000Xm4 review project

This will be a short one. I will update more regarding being back in the states, but many other personal things have been happening, so I will make this one short as well. After roughly holding off on this project publication for a year, I figured it was a long enough wait that I had to publish it, even if I don’t have the pictures. And I’ll admit it here, I actually lost my beige XM4s somewhere during my move from my parents’ place to the next town over where I now reside and work, but go back every once in awhile. So for now, prior pictures will have to suffice for the featured picture, and the screenshots for the app shall be added later, and this shall be a wake up call for me to get my stuff together and commit to this, or even, take a step back? I for sure want the first, so please expect more to come for the other projects I have in my lineup that was collected in Taiwan. I am doing the proper comparisons and conclusions soon. For now, I have released the raw review, and although I’m not too happy about that, I feel I need to push myself, so please bear with me as I get back into the groove. Until the next one, stay safe, stay passionate.



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