Back and settled: United States

Hello everyone! It has been awhile, but yet not awhile. I posted the other post way after I moved back honestly. And I have a lot to update you guys on. First of all, I am moved in, I am settled, and I am back in the United States, and I have since moved out of my parents’. The later of which definitely has some good and bads. Either way, my time in Taiwan has ended, and I am now back on the groove, and will be starting back up with some reviews I have on backlog, and all the collections I have gathered since then. I will also be updating my pictures, and all my introductions as soon as I can, and will be gearing up, in a lot of ways, as I have a new base with different acoustics, different setup as well which I will get into as soon as I can. For now, as I am still unpacking slowly but surely into my most recent abode, which is a rental btw, so it will definitely be subject to change as the situation changes next year. However, for now, I’m going to strap in for more content to be delivered to everyone returning or new. Get ready!

I will also say, I have been in the midst of working as well, so this may require some patience in terms of time available as well, since I actually didn’t stray too far from the tree, and might instead be back often at my parents on the weekends for plans and things I might have. Either way, I am definitely putting myself on the hotseat for more content going forwards from now on. Until then, this is a short update to just let you guys know I am back in the United States, and that the long-term but temporary situation of being in Taiwan has not concluded. It was a rather wonderful time in terms of personal time, and it was a great experience. But I am also happy to be back home where I have my independence in a lot of ways, and the ability to settle in further than the previous situation. For now, stay safe, stay passionate, peace out

PS, that picture is a preview, an incomplete preview of what my living room setup is currently.

Shoutout to someone special 😉



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