Stereo 2.1 Sound system

Well, I can say this is a project, because I took me some time to get it together. But this was my project for this website. I wanted to experience better sound as I listen to music or anything else in my room, so when I had the chance I took it and here I am. The cornerstone piece to forming this system was the compact (desktop?) Integrated Amplifier I got from my dad (by luck, this was sitting in the closet), the Topping TP-41. Then everything came afterwards, the Sony SS-K10ED bookshelf speakers and then the Velodyne CT-100 Subwoofer. The HP EliteBook 8460w is the the oldest in my possession, a shared laptop for my family, who now has their other newer (jealous) laptops for their use. Only some time after I had finished this project did I start on this website project, as an audiophile who has tons of opinions, but almost no one to share it with.

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